Carlos Gabriel

Male Vocalist

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 25-year-old Carlos Gabriel is lighting up stages everywhere with his unique mix of Pop and Latin styles. Owner and front man of the newest A-list cover band "Crash The Party" and owner of the acoustic group "Feel Good Music" . Carlos has worked in the industry for the past three years playing shows all over the east coast in casinos, clubs, weddings,and much more.He Studied Vocal and Stage Performance in Berklee College of Music in Boston and New Haven Academy of Performing Arts. Singer, Dancer, & Songwriter. One of the most exciting & Dynamic artists In the 107 roster.

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Female Vocalist

Jesseek is a 24-year-old first-generation Albanian American
artist born in Brooklyn, New York. She has a bachelor’s degree
in Arts and Entertainment Management from Pace University
and has been an independent artist managing herself since she was 20 years old. Music is the one thing in
this life that is universal, you don’t need to speak a certain language or be from a certain place to move to the rhythm and feel the music in your
soul. Singing and writing has always been Jesseek’s passion
since she was a little girl with a hairbrush

as microphone, and a dream. 

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Ray Clark

Musical Director, Guitarist & Vocalist

Born in 1991, Ray has enjoyed a love for music since a very young age. He studied music at the Hartt School at the University of Hartford, and once had his music played by the Hartford Symphony Orchestra. As a guitarist, he has played with various artists of different genres. Now he has come to Crash the Party, and ignite some six-wire fire!

Desiree Bassett

Bassist, Guitarist & Vocalist

Born in New Haven CT. She started playing guitar at

3 years of age. By the time Desiree was 15 years old

She was Named the worlds best Female Guitarist and,

has since toured the world with amazing acts such as The Michael Jackson Immortal World tour and appeared on tv shows such as  Ellen Degeneres Show. It’s without doubt that we are ecstatic to have her be a part of our crew!

Desi will be rocking with us on Bass ,Guitar & Vocals!

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